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Your Free Start Up Gift Pack (worth £35)

  1. A detailed TWENTY TWO booklet telling you exactly what the Effort Free process is all about, how powerful it is, how it can be used on exactly what your challenge is at the moment – yet, how simple it is.  –  CLICK HERE
  2. Your FIFTEEN page booklet showing you how many people around the world have benefited and how! People have used it for relationships, work, life opportunities, health, money and far more. Read, be inspired and see if people have used it to get exactly the results you are after – you will be amazed at the impact it has had. – CLICK HERE
  3. Mind Blowing 30 minute live recording of the Effort Free Course being used on 2 radio presenters in America, you hear it being used live on the presenters, exactly what it is and the background and power of it. Hear how 2 radio presenters went from “what is this?” to “WOW – WHAT IS THIS!! – CLICK HERE
  4. You get a questionnaire with some simple feedback for you to tell us why you are interested in this sample pack. All questionnaires sent back, get the users the opportunity to access a powerful book called “Dissolving Mental Shackles” which are holding you back from success – AND – a unique special gift as a BONUS!  Tell us about you CLICK HERE