Effort Free Gold Version £997.00 Installment



Your physical copy  – payable over 4 installments.  You will get your Binder, DVD, CDs, workbook, vouchers for support and coaching and all other bonus material.

3 Easy Ways To Get Started Right Away


you’ll be guided through the first essential – a brand new process called CAP (pronounced ‘see-ay-pee’) to jumpstart your new life of miracles. You’ll find it very easy… in fact you’ll understand it completely in just 30 minutes!


you’ll jump on the fast track to burn this into your mind by listening to a brief “magic bullet” each morning. You’ll be amazed with how energised you feel in only 4.5 minutes!


you’ll dive into the rest of your 8-CD set! They’re stuffed with step-by-step guidance with pinpointed strategies for specific areas of your life, from personal relationships to challenges with your health, to money issues.

Why do we give you so much? Because when you jumpstart your life with the Effort-Free Life System, it’s like blowing the hinges off the door to a long forgotten goldmine.

When you step inside, you’ll be overcome with excitement, and thrill to the glistening promise you see all around you. But that’s just the beginning!

Because you’ll instantly realise the monumental difference this will make in your life, and you’ll be hungry for MORE! You’ll want to go deeper into your goldmine to get everything you can. And as you go deeper, you’ll be eager to gather up reliable tools that assure you’ll get everything you want.

That’s exactly what we’re giving you with your complete Effort-Free Life System. Proven tools to maximise your journey to success.

But that’s not all! In addition to your 8 CDs, you’ll get…

  • An attractive 69-page playbook, crammed with illustrations, examples, and easy guides to inspire you
  • Extremely helpful and friendly “real person” support, just a phone call away (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm)

*(Note: One on one coaching is available at an extra cost)

You’ll get everything in the Standard Edition, PLUS…

  • our “Perfect Day Process”: Your 7-minute blast-off to tame any extra challenging days, easily and effortlessly! (£29.95 value)
  • Your “Big Dream Process”: Introduces 3 powerful tools to assure your wildest dreams come true! (£29.95 value)
  • “Bliss and Beyond Bliss”: Easily create a “natural high” in 8 minutes flat, for a light- as-a-feather out of body experience! Leave the cares of the world behind, and say hello to joyful euphoria! (£29.95 value)
  • “Results Booster”: Wave this “magic wand” over any of your other self-improvement sets to make them work like gangbusters! You’ll be thrilled with 5 amazing secrets to getting massive results from PhotoReading, Genius Code, Centerpointe, or any similar personal improvement product! (£29.95 value)
  • 2-CD Set “Easy Money: How I Went From Earning £35,000 A Year To Making £86,592 In Five Months”. (who has since skyrocketed to £400,000 a year!) explains how he cracked the code to effortlessly create a jaw-dropping income, perfect relationship, and amazing lifestyle! (This CD Set alone could be worth thousands to you because it includes Kenny’s mobile phone number!) (£99 value)

You’ll get everything in the Standard and Silver, PLUS…

  • “Sizzling Relationship” 6-CD Set & Special Report [CAUTION: Adult Content!]

You’ll hear 6-CDs packed with explicit, stimulating instruction on exactly how to create the most mind-blowing sex of your life!

You’ll even eavesdrop on 3 intimate sessions with a real-life couple, and discover how you can effortlessly transform your partner’s response from lukewarm disinterest into scorching desire.

Fair warning though… if you can’t handle intimate conversations that bare all… do not listen to these CDs! (Each CD is clearly labelled “Adult Content”) (£299 value)

  • “Effort-Free Life At Work Play!” DVD

Fascinating, entertaining, and inspiring… you’ll watch as I hand over a £600 cash tip to an unsuspecting waitress!

Discover what she unknowingly did that automatically attracted abundance so insistently, I was practically forced to reward her!

PLUS, see how 2 internationally known genius inventors (who between them have literally changed thousands of lives!) are shocked and amazed when they experience the Effort-Free Life System for the first time!

When you see their reaction, you’ll be even more excited to get started too! (I’m dying to tell you who they are, but I had to twist their arms to let me film them, and I’m sworn to secrecy in this letter!) (£99 value)

In addition, I’m going to heap on…

Bonus Gift #1:

Order any edition in the next 11 days and you’ll receive a compact, super lightweight “miracle minder” so you can easily attract torrents of prosperity in just 3 minutes a day! (£9.95 value)

Bonus Gift #2:

You’ll get a bonus CD! “Success Secrets of the Happy and Wealthy”. Discover the one key factor blindly ignored by almost everyone in hot pursuit of wealth and success, and how to quickly implement it in your life to achieve miraculous results! (£19.95 value)

But wait, there’s one more thing! Order Silver or Gold and get…

See on our home page 😉


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