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1. What the Effort Free course is about (your PDF download)  –  CLICK HERE

2. How it has helped others – this helps you identify how it can help you (if not already clear) (your PDF download) – CLICK HERE

3. Listen to it being demonstrated live. Hear how 2 radio presenters went from “what is this?” to “WOW – WHAT IS THIS!!” Simple yet so powerful, and then how it can help you (your MP3 download) – CLICK HERE

4. Read the book, “Dissolving Mental Shackles”, written to help you get into the mindset of freeing up your mind to accept and move on with your life. A core part of the Effort Free course (your eBook download) – CLICK HERE

5. Complete the questionnaire on what you want to get rid of and what you want to focus upon. Email it back and you will then get a final secret bonus! (your questionnaire – email it back as an image file (take a picture on your phone or scan)).  Return email address is on the questionnaire. – CLICK HERE