Discover The Explosive Possibilities

All Kenny did was spend 7 powerful minutes a day with the Effort-Free Life System. And here’s what happened…

He immediately went from feeling like a loser – to being on top of the world. And he’s not a genius with a mega-brain either. The explosive results… Kenny made a truckload of cold hard cash… and found love too!

Anybody can take the same simple steps that led Kenny to his dreams. You can do it too when you unleash the unstoppable power hidden within you… undiscovered… untapped… unappreciated by the rest of the world.

Because when you soak up the powerful techniques already used by thousands to transform their lives, it’s like a magical roadmap to anything you want in YOUR life.

As a matter of fact, even if you barely squeaked through at maths, you’ll quickly become an expert at reprogramming the world’s most powerful computer… your brain! Because…

How I Discovered the Effort-Free Life System

It all started one September morning. For years I’d poured my blood, sweat and tears into trying to help my clients figure out how to get their chaotic lives under control.

I was desperate, burned out, and discouraged. Far too many clients were stuck, as surely as if they were mired down in a gooey swamp of quicksand.

One day I’d just had enough. I retreated into my office, slamming the door behind me. I dragged out every single life-changing tool I’d unearthed over the years. I vowed that I wouldn’t emerge from my lair until I’d created something so earth shatteringly innovative, it would permanently and massively transform the lives of anyone who encountered it.

I flew through books like a man possessed, cramming the wisdom of the ages into my brain. I used powerful mind techniques to unearth my inner innovator. I meditated like an ancient, and scrawled sprawling mindmaps. My team barely saw me.

Three weeks later I jolted awake as a blinding revelation flashed to life. I was brimming with emotion, yet filled with the exhilaration of total clarity, even as my wife and boys giggled over their porridge downstairs.

I had been given the answer!

I suddenly knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, why so many were locked in mortal combat with their own lives – and it was astoundingly achievable to change that forever! I raced to my office, and spent the next 17 days hammering out my discovery on my laptop. Then I ran test after test on small groups of eager volunteers.

Ecstatic with the results, refining and proving my ideas, I buffed off the rough edges until it shone like diamonds. It was immediately so stunningly powerful, clients begged me to share it… and thus the Effort-Free Life System was born. And now…

get to experience it yourself, we have created a Seven Steps To Your Personal Freedom course that takes you on a journey to take you over the system AND set your goal and learn how to make it come alive

Register today and get your FREE “Seven Steps To Your Personal Freedom” course:

  • Over seven steps you will get to read, hear, watch and do exercises, tests and training to help you fully understand and get the basic Effort Free Life System skills!
  • Understand the Complete Acceptance Process. Do the borrowed reading and alignment technique. Hear it being done live, so you get to both, know HOW and WHY.
  • Get to experience something new and powerful that has changed thousands of lives and now it’s your turn! Examine acceptance, limiting beliefs, mindset, goal setting and more…so sign up today!


Effort Free is a LifeTools product – you will get information on other training courses, supporting material and life enhancing personal development training from time to time.

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