Effort Free Gold Training


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You’ll get everything in the Standard and Silver

(That’s over £1365.80 worth of products as it is!)


  • “Sizzling Relationship” 6-CD Set & Special Report [CAUTION: Adult Content!] You’ll hear 6-CDs packed with explicit, stimulating instruction on exactly how to create the most mind-blowing sex of your life! You’ll even eavesdrop on 3 intimate sessions with a real-life couple, and discover how you can effortlessly transform your partner’s response from lukewarm disinterest into scorching desire Fair warning though… if you can’t handle intimate conversations that bare all… do not listen to these CDs! (Each CD is clearly labelled “Adult Content”) (£299 value).
  • “Effort-Free Life At Work Play!” DVD Fascinating, entertaining, and inspiring… you’ll watch as I hand over a £600 cash tip to an unsuspecting waitress! Discover what she unknowingly did that automatically attracted abundance so insistently, I was practically forced to reward her! PLUS, see how 2 internationally known genius inventors (who between them have literally changed thousands of lives!) are shocked and amazed when they experience the Effort-Free Life System for the first time! When you see their reaction, you’ll be even more excited to get started too! (I’m dying to tell you who they are, but I had to twist their arms to let me film them, and I’m sworn to secrecy in this letter!) (£99 value).
  • Priority support access. A full 12 months support access to the priority ticket to Gold Members only; unique access direct to one of our support teams for personalised help. (£900 value)
  • Mental focus pack. Our unique pack of FOUR x 3 week courses designed to shape how your brain works and reprogram elements for you. You get:
    a. Procrastination booster: designed to help you get on with your Effort Free Life and beat any procrastination issues that stop you getting ahead how you want to.
    b. Self confidence booster: designed to help you get on with your Effort Free Life and develop full confidence that your new life WILL really work for you.
    c. Memory booster: designed to help your brain cope with all of the new information you are about to learn and process it in the most efficient way to help you master your Effort Free Life.
    d. Future Options booster: designed to help your mind see opportunities, open up thoughts and link in well with the unique Effort Free planner to help you set goals to get you your heart’s desire. (£120 value)
  • Vision Matrix training: You get access to our 37 point Vision Matrix training. No stone will be unturned in helping you get your dreams come true fast. This comes as a PDF guide with questions along with instructions on how to phrase your questions (ways in which the brain can play tricks and how to overcome them). Use this to help you phrase your vision and goals and get support. (£99 value)

You get all of what is in the Standard, Silver and then ALL of the additional. Total Gold Value £2882.80, you pay £997 – saving £1885.80. In addition, I’m going to give you another…

Bonus Gift

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Pay In Full, Pay Over 4 Months with a £10 set up fee