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you’ll be guided through the first essential – a brand new process called CAP (pronounced ‘see-ay-pee’) to jump start your new life of miracles. You’ll find it very easy… in fact you’ll understand it completely in just 30 minutes!


you’ll jump on the fast track to burn this into your mind by listening to a brief “magic bullet” each morning. You’ll be amazed with how energised you feel in only 4.5 minutes!


you’ll dive into the rest of your 8-recordings! They’re stuffed with step-by-step guidance with pinpointed strategies for specific areas of your life, from personal relationships to challenges with your health, to money issues.

Why do we give you so much? Because when you jumpstart your life with the Effort-Free Life System, it’s like blowing the hinges off the door to a long forgotten goldmine.

When you step inside, you’ll be overcome with excitement, and thrill to the glistening promise you see all around you. But that’s just the beginning!

Because you’ll instantly realise the monumental difference this will make in your life, and you’ll be hungry for MORE! You’ll want to go deeper into your goldmine to get everything you can. And as you go deeper, you’ll be eager to gather up reliable tools that assure you’ll get everything you want.

That’s exactly what we’re giving you with your complete Effort-Free Life System. Proven tools to maximise your journey to success.

But that’s not all! In addition to your 8 recordings, you’ll get…

  • An attractive 69-page PDF, crammed with illustrations, examples, and easy guides to inspire you
  • A £80 voucher to use on selected products in our main LifeTools store. This is a big thank-you gift, we want to show gratitude to you for your custom to us.
  • Extremely helpful and friendly “real person” support via our social group and email support.
  • You get a unique access for 12 months of a unique Wellness online private members club; so your journey of wellness, learning and development can continue, value £120.00 for the entry level membership.
  • £397.00 of product for only £197.00 – A gift to you of £200.00 in extras!

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