Over the period of 2-3 years we amassed hundreds of testimonials, from all over the world, at just how effective, simple and easy people found the ‘Effort Free Life’. If you are unsure about yourself, have a read of these stories and be inspired!

These are regular customers, who got the Effort Free Life, and had extraordinary results.

On this page you’ll find just some of these incredible stories…

Taxi driver becomes film director and wins 2 film awards – effortlessly!

Ro Goodwin from Scotland writes:

“I have done so many different jobs in the past from taxi driver to salesman, and from security guard to charity fund-raiser that I felt destined to be a ‘flitter’ – which wasn’t a happy thought.

“Using the Effort-Free Life System I suddenly remembered I’d always had a dream to be a filmmaker, and I became very excited. I bought 4 books on filmmaking, wrote my first screenplay a month later, booked myself onto a 2-day filmmaking course, and not long after that I had completed my first 10-minute film called The Man Who, using 18 crew, 38 cast and 12 locations – having never done anything remotely like this before! When I told some other filmmakers what we did, and then added that it was my first film, their jaws dropped open!

“All the way through pre-production and filming my self-talk has been: ‘It’s all so effortless.’ I believed it. And it was. In previous endeavours (and without the Effort-Free Life System) I have given up when things looked like they were against me. This time it has been so different because of my relaxed and ‘effortless’ frame of mind. The film was given an award for Outstanding Drama at the Nub Film Festival held in Evanton in December.

“I also ended up appearing as 4 different characters in a feature film called Catalina – including having several lines – despite never having acted before!

“Since then I have written other scripts: taken one to a 103-page screenplay (equivalent to a 1 hour and 43 minute feature film) and have outlines for 5 others. Also I have half a dozen short film screenplay ideas, one of which is ready to be filmed. (Amazingly I didn’t like English in school and failed it 3 years running!)

“Other people who are considering getting the Effort-Free Life System may not want to be a filmmaker – but at least they can see that if a professional ‘job flitter’ like me can very quickly create massive results with this System then anyone can discover what they would really like to have in life – and have it happen almost like magic!”


“Created £60,000″

“A miracle has happened – and BIG TIME. We created a new business stream that earned us over £60,000 in gross margin over the winter and early spring period. This stuff really does work.”
Robert Plumb
King’s Lynn

“My income has quadrupled”

“Max Scott, based in Argyll, Scotland, is a distributor for Herbalife, a well-known network marketing supplier of weight loss products. He says: “Since getting the System 3 months ago my income has quadrupled.”
Max Scott
Argyll, Scotland

“Paid well for effortless work”

“I finished a job that was so easy and effortless: I designed sounds for a little game on the web and I was paid very well for it. I did CAP [which you learn on session 2] with Madeleine (my daughter, aged 9) and we laughed so hard for more than 5 minutes. We felt like the joy would go on forever. I smile more often since I learned to do the CAP, in fact I laugh more often. I feel lucky… in fact I breathe luck.”
Alain Massé, Musician
Montreal, Canada

Create more luck

“Recently, I’d wanted to win something from the Texas state lottery. I was thrilled when a recent ticket paid $407 for a $1 expenditure!”
Ginny Riggert
“Hey, this really does work!!… I spent this afternoon listening to the second CD interview with Kenny Goodman, where Chris asks him about his lottery wins [Kenny mentions that he won £25 and £1,000 using Effort-Free principles]. I followed his advice and before going out to place my Irish lottery numbers I used CAP on receiving money from this source. I’ve just checked my numbers and, for the first time ever, have won £460!!”
Denise Martin
“I keep winning small amounts on the Lottery – almost weekly.”
Cathy Baker
“I have never bought a lottery ticket but last Friday night some numbers came to me and I suggested to my wife that she should get a ticket, she won £25. Not much I know, but still a miracle to me.”
Bruce Kidson

Career Success

Back to work success

“I rang for a coaching session, then when I put the phone down it immediately rang. I was in such a great mood from the session that I answered in a very positive manner. It was a guy offering me the chance of a job, and inviting me to an assessment the following week! “I have now completed 3 weeks training and my first full week of full-time work in 25 years!! It’s brilliant!! It is pretty potent stuff Chris is helping me to access!! I reckon this one is a proper miracle! Profound is the word I’m looking for!! You guys are total stars.”
Jo Shaw

Free advert fills up her diary

“Recently my diary began to look rather empty. When you are self-employed this is always a worry. I did the CAP around money and bookings. That afternoon the guy I deal with at the local paper rang to say that they’d had some spare space in the paper and had run my ad free of charge, as a thank you for being such a good customer over the years! The diary began to fill again.”
Claire McMillan
West Molesey

12 new bookings out of the blue!

“Recently my diary began to look rather empty. When you are self-employed this is always a worry. I did the CAP around money and bookings. That afternoon the guy I deal with at the local paper rang to say that they’d had some spare space in the paper and had run my ad free of charge, as a thank you for being such a good customer over the years! The diary began to fill again.”
Carol Lloyd

“I got my dream job and increased my salary!”

“3 months after buying the Effort-Free Life System I have finally managed to secure a new job, on more pay, after 2 years of trying.”
Cathy Baker

“From rundown flat to £1.6m mansion!”

“Until a short time ago I lived in a small rundown flat above a closed-down chip shop in a rough area of Burnley. As I write this, I am sitting in a £1.6 million mansion surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful countryside, staggering views – with the whole 20 acres to myself!“ I feel so lucky, and this is just one of many miracles I have created. I’m looking forward to many more! I had been working at this property for more than a year. “I built up an amazing friendship with the family who own it and, last month, they emigrated, entrusting this exquisite mansion to me! Although this will not last forever, I am enjoying every moment and looking forward to my next adventure.”
James Owen Smith

“I resigned from my teaching job”

“I have been teaching 6-year-old girls in a prep school for many years. Learning the Effort-Free Life System led me to attend a hypnotherapy course. I qualified, and I have been successfully charging £65 an hour or £250 for one stop-smoking session. I resigned from my teaching job 2 days ago, so I’m now a full-time hypnotherapist. I’m a past-life regression therapist too, and, wonderfully, Take A Break magazine – with 1.25 million weekly sales – promoted my past-life regression workshops for free, so people are ringing every day about them. The next workshop is fully booked. It’s amazing!”
Penny Humphries

“10 goals achieved effortlessly”

“The System has helped me set up my own business! I wrote down 15 major things I wanted in my life. Amazingly 10 of them have already come true, and the other 5 are moving along very nicely! I’ve stopped worrying and searching, but I have started cycling so I’m getting fitter! It has all been so effortless!”
Katy Hughes

“Calm and relaxed at work”

“I now walk into work feeling really calm and relaxed, instead of all grumpy and miserable as I used to do.“ When I do CAP on me and my wife getting on better, our relationship works so much better – the System works fantastically well. “I approach life differently, I approach my relationship differently, and I approach other people differently. As a result, magic happens: little synchronicities come out of nowhere. It’s amazing how it just works. “To be honest, I’m a self help addict. I own about 50 different programmes, and this course is the only one that I have never put away after I’ve listened to it – I’ve kept using it continuously since I ordered it. It’s that good.”
Gerry Smit, Dentist

“Bad vibes’ disappear”

“Before I started using the System I was very frequently getting into really bad vibes. This had been going on for about 9 years.“ Within months of using CAP and ROBERTA [which you learn in the sessions] , my ‘bad vibes’ had totally disappeared! I really cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to be free of this life-spoiling syndrome. Thank you. It’s like I now start my day looking out from the 75th floor instead of the basement.”
Miranda Rota

Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

“I was depressed – now I’m happy”

“I was depressed, unhappy, full of worry and fear about the future. With so many issues going on inside my head, I was always exhausted, and had no energy. My life has changed so much thanks to you! I’m much happier with no depression, worry, fear, and anger about the past!“ I’m full of energy, I only need half the sleep that I used to, and I’m raring to go instead of being drained and tired all day long! I’m more positive, easier going and relaxed in myself. I’m finally accepting myself after 43 years, and feeling comfortable in my own skin.”
Julie Murdoch

“Relaxed before an operation”

“On the evening before a third cancer operation within a year, I did a 15-minute CAP. Then I felt completely relaxed, and gently drifted into a deeply restful sleep. Although my operation was postponed for almost 7 hours I stayed totally relaxed and at ease, remaining in a totally anxiety-free state even as they wheeled me into the pre-op room. I watched my heart monitor never go above 60 beats per minute. Great thanks for CAP.”
John Gallagher

“I’m losing weight”

“Before I got the System, the stresses of life were really getting me down. I was miserable and only sleeping for 2-3 hours a night. I used to take things so seriously and personally. For the last five days since getting the System I’ve been feeling blissed out. All my worrying has completely disappeared. I feel transformed. I haven’t felt this amazingly good for tens of years, it’s absolutely incredible. I have my sense of fun back! I teach sky diving and I want to shout to everyone there, ‘you’ve got to get this programme!’ “A couple of people we know have asked me if I’m wearing contact lenses because my eyes now look so clear and bright. I’ve started losing weight too – but I’m not doing anything different.”
John McClure

“My injured back mended in seconds”

“I’m a rabbi doing counselling and teaching. The other day I lifted a huge armchair and my middle and lower back muscles got caught. As a consequence I taught my classes while I was half bent over. During a break I went to the synagogue, and it dawned on me to use CAP. I did it and felt all my back muscles ripple into relaxation. Normally this injury would have required 2 to 3 days in bed, but in seconds everything totally mended. I can’t thank you enough. It’s beyond words.”
Eliezer Nevis

Improve Relationships

Loving daughter and mother

“My daughter is a wonderful girl but I found she got angry quickly and didn’t seem to like me. I ordered the Effort-Free Life System and started using it the day I received it (4-5 days ago). The next day I felt wonderful. “I can’t believe how often my daughter smiles now, she gives me hugs that she rarely did before, and she says she loves me on her own. I have felt so open to her which I found spilled over to nearly everyone around me. I feel such a connection to people that my fears (shyness, ignorance, etc) are gone. “My mother and I have rarely felt close. In fact I can’t remember the last time we did feel that way. She just returned from a trip and we talked about all sorts of things including this method. I can’t believe how much love I feel for her. I am so grateful to have this System and to be able to experience this with my mom. She is just showering me with love that I’ve never known before.”
Diane Gallo

“My shyness has gone… I’m more extrovert”

“I used CAP to melt my resistance to making love with my husband – and it worked a treat! “CAP has really helped me to open my heart more and more to receiving more love and more joy in my life – instant happiness! “I have really transformed… more extrovert, comfortable smiling at complete strangers as I walk down the street and, my shyness has gone.”
Gaynor D

Feel Happier In Yourself

“My life is just getting better and better”

“I noticed on Sunday, for the first time in years, that I was actually looking forward to going to work! This was amazing; I felt light and happy, and I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. I’ve just come back from work having found that the week went by so fast, and I got more done. Life just gets better and better!”
Julie Haigh

“In harmony with life”

“I find that, if I miss doing my daily CAP, the day does not flow the same. When I do it for 3 minutes in the morning, I feel in harmony with life, I stay present in the moment and everything flows brilliantly. “My mind now thinks only 10 minutes ahead. It’s like I am so grounded, and rooted to the present, nothing else is allowed in. My mind feels so empty – it’s not clogged up anymore. Amazing!”
Julie Murdoch

“It works”

“I find myself giggling at what I previously considered were really serious issues. I’ve finally bought something that works!”
Julie Haigh

“Peaceful out of body experience”

“The other night I did the Bliss process [from the Silver Edition] . I found myself in the most wonderful space of having no awareness of my physical body but mentally feeling in touch with everything and very alive, but strangely peaceful.”
Cathy Baker

Amazing Outcomes

“We’re convinced a miracle has happened”

“Over the last year my mother has been getting progressively more frail (she is 88) and depressed, wanting to die, and not be a ‘nuisance’ any more. I found it difficult to get her to start eating properly (she had decided to starve herself!).“ Over a couple of weeks I used ROBERTA on her getting stronger. Now she is happy, relaxed, cooking and preparing meals for herself. My daughter Stella and I took her, with her great grandson, out for the day during half-term. “This she really enjoyed and she is getting stronger every day, to the point where she does not need to use her wheelchair for short walks. “My husband John and I, plus my daughter Stella, who helped out most with her Grandma, are convinced that a miracle has happened.”
Pauline Naylor
Carterton, Oxfordshire

“Golf ‘miracle”

“Yesterday, I happened to be playing golf. As I played, I kept wondering so when is a ‘miracle’ going to occur (I wasn’t trying to force it, just wondering). Then I chipped in for eagle on the 10th hole, hit the flag with my tee shot on the 17th hole, and shot a two under par 69 for the day, all about a week after having back spasms so severe I could hardly walk. This really works!”
Ed Mason

“No effort at all”

“Chris’ approach is a unique concept. “Other techniques have a confrontational edge, teaching you how to overcome stress, anxiety, fear of failure, etc. With this System issues melt away of their own accord. This opens channels which allow you to receive wonderful miracles. I was just about to place an advert for £400 in the Mail On Sunday newspaper. I was looking for individuals who wanted to find properties they could buy up here in the North of England. That would have meant writing the ad, ringing the newspaper, then writing an explanatory leaflet and posting out loads of them to all the people who responded. Then I would have ended up speaking with a number of timewasters before I found 1 or 2 ideal clients. Instead a guy rang me completely out of the blue just as I was about to place the ad who is exactly the type of client I was looking for. It creates a magnetic attraction, so that which you are seeking seeks you! It requires no effort at all. I simply spend about 3 minutes each day using the System.”
Tony Milligan, Property Trader

It can work so fast!

“It’s really weird. How can this happen in such a small space of time? It’s a different way of thinking. We are used to beating ourselves up. Learning the System has been so good – I don’t have to think of anything! Chris is very good at explaining ideas… his voice is very soothing. Before I learned the System I was on long-term sick leave from my school, and now I’m back at work again!”
Maria McNamara, Teacher

It’s like a key

“Chris’s System is the springboard I was looking for in life. I was ready to fly – all I needed was the kick start. I feel wonderful about everyone, I always have. My only big issue has always been with myself about myself: not being good enough. Now I feel wonderful about myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Paul Kerrigan is a TV cameraman who has worked on The Bill & many others

Opportunities Everywhere!

“I used to tell myself I was bad with money so I never organised my finances. So I’ve had a massive credit card debt for the last 5 years. Using the Effort-Free Life System I’ve now consolidated all my debt into one simple loan which has saved me hundreds of pounds. I’ve got a financial plan in place, and it’s now so easy to keep on top of it. This is an awesome miracle for me! “I’ve tried other personal development programmes in the past, with some success. But when you’re in the middle of a crazy day, I have always found it very difficult to rationalise and focus. But all this has changed too. My days at work are so much easier, and more fun too!“ I recently had the best client meeting I’ve ever had in 3 years with this company. All the solutions flowed out of my mouth. My Managing Director was so impressed with me that he went out onto the shop floor, called a Japanese supplier into his office, and let me talk to him for 90 minutes explaining how our business could help him more! “I’ve also quit smoking, which is a massive issue for me after 13 years of smoking 10-20 a day. “This System is absolutely essential to keep your life working the way you want it to!
Daniel Daw, Business Developer

Life Changing

“I can’t find the words to tell you what a difference this System brings to my life. Chris’ words always manage to inspire, however low and tired I am feeling. He is a real star – a bright shining star in the sky.”
Liz Bland, Projects Manager

This Has The Biggest Impact

“I’ve tried everything: from Tony Robbins to meditation, and this System has made the biggest impact on my life and business. Just the other day I was thinking it would be wonderful to work with a particular semi-famous DJ who lives in New York. The very next morning he walked into my shop. I was gobsmacked! I asked him if he’d like to come into the studio and record a track with me, he agreed, then later told me that that was the most fun he’s ever had in a recording studio! I’m on-track now to double my monthly income as a result of my new way of looking at life. Truly astonishing.”
Ben Brophy runs Play Music Dance Shop

Solves Problems – Simply

“I was having a real challenge at work with a particular situation – and it needed resolving fast. I happened to mention my challenge to my chum Chris Payne at LifeTools, and he said ‘no problem, I’ve developed a new system you can use to resolve this issue once and for all.’ Chris then lead me through it for about 25 minutes. “What amazed me was seeing that part of my mind didn’t want to resolve the issue! That insight, coupled with Chris’s direction, allowed me to free my mind to create a solution which was very, very simple. It was electrifying! I now realise that resolving my issue is not only possible, it is inevitable. This was a delightful surprise. We talked on a Friday, and it allowed me to go into the weekend feeling so much more relaxed and at peace with myself. I feel as if I’m walking on air. I’m so impressed with the Effort-Free Life System. It is so quick, so clever, so simple and yet so incredibly powerful. I fully intend using it at every opportunity possible so that my life becomes even more magical than it is at the moment.”
David Hughes runs Nightingale-Conant UK

It Is That Easy!

“This is so clear and simple. I’m sitting here enjoying the benefits, rather than moving into my head, thinking: “Could it really be that easy?’ It’s lovely to see the clarity that you’ve come to, and the articulation of your easy way to gain access to the tremendous power that’s really available to each of us.”
Paul Scheele, Learning Strategies

I Now Find Getting on with People Easy!

“I have had the most amazing personal growth and transformation just from one single part of the Effort-Free Life System. Looking back, it’s actually incredibly funny to see how effortless the transition has been. “The main area, which has always been somewhat difficult for me, has been in my personal relationships to other people. In that regard I am a totally different person – and it’s been noticed by others in a big way. Best of all, I’ve been able to use my personal influence to help others to develop too (albeit on their career path, rather than ‘personal’ growth). “I find I’m much, much, much more relaxed (despite the increased work schedule) and very calm, so it’s easier to deal with stressful situations because they ‘bounce off’ me. “In addition, I’m not bothered by my weight anymore and I think it was always a convenient excuse for not interacting with other people. I don’t need the excuse anymore so it may go, or it may stay, but either way I’m fine with it.”
Amin Motin, BT worker

I Now Get Clarity

“The System has helped me to look at things objectively, to decrease the small stresses and ‘little things’ in my life that used to really bug me. I now have more clarity, and I’m generally happier because these small things have gone. Using it can feel as if I am almost going to have an orgasm in my Adam’s apple. It’s very difficult to explain. I now feel happy, motivated and in control.”
Jay Lale, Recruitment Manager

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