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Welcome Affiliates!   

The Effort Free Affiliate scheme is designed to help support you and get your sales whilst we support your customers to keep their purchases!   You win, we win and the customer wins.  They get a great product that will leave them wanting more, and you get, £$ commission!   

There are 5 simple and quick reasons why you, an affiliate, should sign up today.

1. Resources 

We have a great range of resources to support you: 

  • uTube channel with bullet point short videos – can be adapted with a call to action to fit your marketing 
  • Blogs with short articles which can be copied and used 
  • Images and memes to use 

2. Good Copy

The home page sells, converts and turns interest into action and a page packed full of powerful testimonials! 

3. Upsells & Extra Profit

The Effort Free Life comes in 3 versions.  Standard, Silver or Gold.   

Based on past sales, up-to 10% of people choose the Gold version after reading about it on the home page copy.  The commission ramps up by: 


4. Retention

Returns are low.  This is a very good product.  Customers buy this as they want change, so they will work at it.  We do not get curiosity buyers – who tend to return purchases at a high rate! 

5. Product Range

LifeTools is the parent company of the Effort Free course.  At LifeTools there are other high quality products, in the same market. So if your customers respond well to this they will love the other products! 

6. Yes…a BONUS

If you recruit other affiliates, your rate can go up to 50% from 40% and you also get 10% on sales of anyone you have recruited.  

What we do

Products for personal growth, self help, improving your life, business and marketing, goal setting and personal management, life coaching and other related areas. 

Help with meditation, sleep, self esteem, relaxation, overcoming phoebias and fears, setting up goals, new relationships, learning new skills, new business or career goals, giving up bad habits and creating new ones, overcoming limiting beliefs and resistance in life to allow you to be free! 

What we are not

Get rich quick schemes (even if our customers get “wealthier” by changing themselves), betting, home investment, how to make money by how to make money, pills, financial investments, shares, or things of that nature. 

Your challenge 

  • If your customers fit the “What we do” and are not into a quick buck for no effort type product. 
  • Then sign up today. 
  • Contact us if you need help, or use the copy as the basis of an email. 
  • Be successful and looking forward to a good working relationship 

Commission Payable

We have 3 product options, Standard, Silver and Gold.

Your customers can purchase them on instalments or as a one off.

They can have an MP3 version or pay for a full physical product.

On all options we pay 40% commission (after tax).

On each sale we have to take off local sales tax and then you get a 40% commission, which can be as much as around £300 for the full product on instalments!

It only takes 1-2 referrals a month to bring in a nice bit of extra!

Sign up now and go to your affiliate area and start earning extra from the comfort of you home!

** Contact Us first if you are not sure, exact taxes (prior to commission may vary from country to country)