Effort Free Radio Interview

Want To Be Amazed? Listen To The Effort Free Live On A Radio Interview

Following up from the PhotoReading support I had, from you, I will be making some of the recording available soon – as a thank-you.  For anyone who loves reading, learning, engaging in articles or more – it will be a fascinating listen for you.

A short while ago, a lovely lady from Australia decided to purchase the Effort Free course, she was a returning customer who wanted to revisit the product because the first time she used it, there were powerful results.

To her I made available a special recording of this technique being done live on air, when a personal development radio station in America, phoned LifeTools and had an invterview with Chris.

During this interview you could clearly hear:

  • How the product works
  • How Jenna & Evie GOT the technique
  • How one of them had it used on them and they went from uncertain to blown-away
  • How they discovered it is so easy and powerful to apply this to any life situation that needs changing or addressing

It really is a fun, interesting and engaging radio interview AND I have the link available here now.

Please treat yourself to a great piece of media and a really intersting insight into a powerful personal develpment course.

To hear it, get your starter pack below. It has this recording and some other amazing and inspiring material; learn how others have used Effort Free principles to get huge success.

Have a great listen and follow us on the links below for other great pieces to come.

Oh – if you love this, then I encourage you to send it on so others may enjoy it as well.

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