Welcome To Your Seven Steps To Personal Freedom Training

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Congratulations 🎉 you are now going to discover something extraordinary! The power of the Effort Free Life System, through this Seven Steps Training, to create amazing shifts in your life.

This seven steps journey is designed to give you an introduction, let you hear it being demonstrated (with astonishing results), allow you to set your goals and dare to dream this one dream “YOUR LIFE CAN BE DIFFERENT“. .

Over the years many have found this has helped them with many things, including:

Financial freedom (getting a new relationship, new career, new goals)
Relationship issues (singleness, relationship struggles, perfecting a relationship)
Self esteem & confidence building
Finding new opportunities (many found they just ‘appeared as if by magic’)
Increasing health & energy
Learning, hobbies & exploring all started opening up!

So whatever goal you would like to achieve, you are going to get the chance during the seven days to learn how to shape it and start to make it REAL – in fact…

During this course you will learn to:

Day 1. YOUR STARTING POINT. Learn how to set a goal for this training and something you want – and get 2 secret insights into making it EFFECTIVE.

Day 2. Learn the powerful technique of borrowed reading. You get a detailed TWENTY TWO page booklet telling you exactly what the Effort Free process is all about, how powerful it is, how it can be used on exactly what your challenge is at the moment – yet, how simple it is. This comes with a guide to help you find solutions to what you are really after.

Day 3. Get to experience the alignment technique. You get a FIFTEEN page booklet showing you how many people around the world have benefited and how! Read and then align yourself with past success to help further shape your own goal!

Day 4. Here you get to learn about the Complete Acceptance Process (the heart of the course) . You get a Mind Blowing 30 minute live recording of the Effort Free Course being used on 2 radio presenters in America, you hear it being used live on the presenters, exactly what it is and the background and power of it. Hear how 2 radio presenters went from “what is this?” to “WOW – WHAT IS THIS!!

Day 5. You get a powerful book called “Dissolving Mental Shackles“, it looks at internal issues which are holding you back from success. It reveals an insight by experts – the one true secret to making lasting change. Once you learn this insight and another key teaching in the book, it will enable you on the final stage of your seven steps.

Day 6. You get a SUPRISE – yes. You get to see a FILM CLIP of this being done and just how ONE EXPERT in Personal Growth found how simple it was and discovered how easy it is to unless your sheer internal power! We go over it, so you can find this out as well. KEY NOTE: this enables you to understand the inner battle between acceptance and resistance – it is one of the final keys to understanding the system.

Day 7. Your Start. We go over a Round up of your goals, encourage next steps and give you support.

After Day 7. You learn the problem with groundhog day, and, then this is something not to be ignored! Let’s say, it is our gift to you for going through your introduction. You get a £20 voucher!


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  4. Trust in the journey – take each step one day at a time, they are not long exercises and some you can do in the background whilst doing other things.
  5. On DAY 6 you are going to see a video, the content of which, has not been made public! It is only available to small number of people; but you will get to see some excerpts!
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