Terms, Conditions and Money Back Guarantee

To protect you, the consumer, the payment provider and us, the seller the following Terms and Conditions apply to your purchase:

  1.  We use PayPal payment processing facility at the back end of our site for security, safety and each of payment options for you.
  2. You are either purchasing a physical product, or you are choosing a digital version to download.  All copies come with a money-back guarantee.  To receive the money back guarantee you need to download and complete the return form CLICK HERE to obtain. [This is a Microsoft Word document].
    1. The form must be completed, signed and returned (to protect against copyright infringement).
    2. You must be willing to agree to a coaching phone call or follow up message (as we really want it to work for you).
    3. There is a £25 processing fee to cover the cost of the questionnaire and any follow up support.
  3. The return and refund process requires:
    1. The purchaser to have an active PayPal account, after 3 months we cannot refund back to a card if the card was used – however, this may change depending upon PayPal terms and conditions.
    2. The refund has to go to the same person as who made the purchase.
    3. The goods must be received back and, if you downloaded it, please return the downloaded workbook.
  4. Your statutory rights are not affected with the right to purchase and cancel your purchase within 14 days, unless you have had the digital version and there are grounds to believe it was copied.
  5. The Effort Free course is a product under the ownership of LifeTools Group Ltd, a UK registered company.