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“I’m living proof that anybody can get what they want in life amazingly fast, simply by following the Effort-Free breakthrough system. A little over a year ago I was completely messed up, wasting money partying every night to try and forget my frustrating job. I was doing so-so, earning about £35,000 a year {2004}. But I hated it, and felt that my life was going nowhere fast.


Thank God I stumbled into Chris who knew all about the Effort-Free course. We started talking, and in a few hours, I completely understood the Effort-Free Life System.

I was so excited, I began to use it right away.
The results have been nothing short of miraculous!

In fact here’s what’s happened since April 2004…

  1. My earnings have soared to an all time high… £400,000 within 18 months
  2. I scrapped my old heap for a brand new BMW X5

Chris, myself and our partners and I, Kenny ‘magically’ met Kate 2 weeks after learning the System.


  1. I went from being a lonely loser to becoming engaged to the woman of my dreams… and I met her only 2 weeks after starting to use the System!
  2. We’ve traded our tiny dark flat for a gorgeous new home.

My life has changed in more ways than I can possibly begin to list here.

Believe me, if a lazy geek like me can do this… you can too! I’m so grateful to Chris for sharing this system with me, I promised myself that I’d do whatever I could to help  spread the word about how tremendous this is.

But I don’t blame you a bit if you’re wondering if I’m for real.  But that is me above and I have given LifeTools (the Effort Free course owners) a copy of my bank statement!


Do you want to know the secret that unlocked the success that Kenny had and many others? You can read and hear all about it in our eBook and interviews – hear it being demonstrated live and the radio interview being blown away but how simple yet powerful! Get yours now, simply complete the form and we will send it straight to you!

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